Helen Kaminski


Based in Sydney, Australia these designer hats for men and women are simply the best. Whether you are looking for a simple hat for the beach, golf course or poolside, or an elegant hat for a special occasion the Helen Kaminski collection has the perfect answer. With so many days sunshine a year here in the Algarve, a hat is now an essential holiday item and many of these hats can be rolled and packed for long distance travelling too. 


Helen Kaminski hats and bags are woven by skilled craftsmen and women on the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. High quality raffia harvested ecologically from the raffia palm is used to weave both simple and more intricate designs producing products that are exceptionally durable yet contemporary and full of beach chic. We have had customers with Helen Kaminski hats that have seen decades of world travelling!

In Store

At Dunas Resort in Quinta Shopping we carry a large collection of Helen Kaminski hats all year round for both men and women in many different shapes and sizes. Aside from their renowned raffia hats we also stock a collection of cotton or linen hats, often with a UV protection that are both stylish and affordable. Helen Kaminski is exclusive to Dunas Lifestyle in Portugal.



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