Smart and Green


Designed and manufactured in France, Smart And Green's LED Nomad Lighting systems create interesting and ever changing ambiences indoors or out. The brands focus on technical solutions for " green lighting " effects means that these lamps reduce electrical consumption and carbon footprints too.


From mini table top lanterns to floor standing pillars and planters there is a Smart and Green lamp to suit every occasion. The specially designed shapes diffuse the light and can be switched with ease from pure white to a glorious selection of rotating colours. These can be frozen to create a different ambience as you wish. Some models will even float lazily across your pool creating colourful reflections in the water. Once charged the lamps will last for up to eight hours whilst you enjoy long warm evenings al fresco.

In Store

Throughout the year we stock a full range of lamps in all shapes and sizes. In our little " dark room" you can see the effect of the circulating colours and we are happy to demonstrate the simple way to change them as you choose. These lamps make unusual gifts too - especially the champagne bucket!




Flat Ball

Fat Ball



Ice Bucket



Cocktail Table

Big Cube


& more

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