Ortygia is a small island, the historical centre of the city of Syracuse, Sicily and the Ortigia fragrance company was created to embrace the scents and natural products of this beautiful area. With a flagship store just off Sloane Square in Chelsea, London, Ortigia has become a must go to store for refined Italian body and home products.  


Designed to evoke the true essence of Sicily, these richly fragranced home and body products are made from natural ingredients indigenous to the island. Olive oil, palm oil, naturally distilled lavender, 100% Sicilian salts and vegetable dyes create a brilliant Mediterranean collection of luxury products.

In Store

The exquisite packaging of Ortigia products makes them an instant success in Dunas Lifestyle stores. These colourful boxes of soaps in different sizes make a splash of summer colour only enhanced by the deliciously luxurious scents that escape when the boxes are opened ! A perfect gift.

Favourite fragrances for Spring - Fico d'India and Zahara Orange Blossom.


Orange Blossom

Fico d'India





Latte di Mandorla

Lime di Sicilia


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