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Diana Carmichael

Diana Carmichael


Diana and her team of designers draw their inspiration from life and art in Africa. Greatly influenced by the forms and textures of this extraordinary continent, they capture the elusive spirit of Africa in their creations. ” There is a richness about life and art in Africa which I am communicating to people throughout the world in my designs.” Using a mix of pewter or African rosewood and African motifs ranging from spearheads to aloe plants each piece is made to be treasured for generations.


Diana Carmichael


These unique pieces have all been hand-crafted by Diana Carmichael and her highly skilled team of craftspeople. As each item is finished entirely by hand, it may show slight imperfections but this adds to its character and attention to details and quality remain. Each piece becomes a unique piece of functional art, including tiny expresso spoons, stylish bowls for fruit, jugs for wine or water or serving cutlery.

Diana Carmichael

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Our personal favourite Diana Carmichael motif is one of the finest symbols of Africa – the elegant and distant cheetah. Found gracing tiny condiment dishes or opulent salad glass bowls these  “cheetah” pieces make unusual and treasured gifts.











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