Inspired by the exotic bathing ceremonies and spas of India and the Far East, Edward and Claire Croft launched Abahna in 2005. The name Abahna is derived from words meaning bathing in different cultures. Nahana "to take a bath" in Urdu, the Russian "banya" and the Portuguese "banho".


Abahna products are as natural, simple and effective as possible. Natural actives, organic extracts and pure essential oils are used to create refreshing, nurturing and energising fragrances. The perfect way to start your day, to revive before an evening out or relax before bed.

In Store

From the beginning Dunas Lifestyle fell in love with the sublime fragrances of Abahna home and body products. Each collection reflects life in the Algarve in its own way. 

For early Spring we recommend the uplifting citrus notes in White Grapefruit & Chang Mai that help to recharge after the long winter days.

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